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Viva Las Vegas

For as long as he can remember, Ramone Graves has wanted to be a rock star. Having grown up on the songs of Elvis Presley, the eighteen year old has left his home behind, along with his best friend Ace, in search of making his dream come true, and one day performing not just for tips, but for thousands of fans on a stage in Las Vegas. After six months of playing for tips in various cities, the vagabond youth finally manages to at least come to the Entertainment Capital of the World, in search of making his dream a reality. 

But when he comes to Las Vegas, he meets Kaley Hannah Harrison, who has lived in the city for her entire life. The two begin to grow close, and eventually, Ramone must make the hardest choice of his young life: Reach for the stars as he has always dreamed, or throw it away for a chance at something he never expected?



Let me start off by thanking my friend and fellow author Lydia Joy Nickerson for giving me this idea for the first post of my blog. Seriously, check this young lady out she’s awesome.

But, to the point. I am proud to say that my passion in writing goes to the genre of science fiction. I know just from hearing that, you already have some idea in your head. It’s perfectly okay, I know science fiction has a bad reputation when it comes to Literature. But, let me start by telling you how I came to love the genre in general.

When I was growing up, my entire family was very literate. I can still remember having an entire shelf dedicated to the, at the time still ongoing, Harry Potter series. We also had all the Star Wars movies, and multiple TVs in the house. This was a family of proud geeks and nerds, and I grew up in this mindset. But there was something that I always looked forward to around the end of November, on Thanksgiving more often.

See, I grew up in the 2000s. And I can remember when Cartoon Network would show for 24 hours on certain holidays, including Thanksgiving, one of my favorite movies. One that has remained a favorite to this day. The Iron Giant.

I’ll be honest, this was the movie that really got me hooked on robots, and science fiction in general. I loved seeing the Giant and Hogarth’s friendship start off and grow, even when I already knew how it was all going to end. Even if the Giant was piecing himself back together at the end, it didn’t make his sacrifice any less important. To me, it showed what really mattered when it came to friendship and to the value of the life you decide to live, no matter how long or short that life may be.

Back to the point, though. The longer novel, well more of the start to a series I’m working on, alongside other projects, is Fight or Flight. A post-apocalyptic, science fiction novel with a cyborg soldier protagonist. I’m not going to reveal too much as of yet, but let’s just say I know exactly what’s going to happen to this character.

Science Fiction offers opportunities that other genres just don’t have. A chance to really dig down and look at not only the human condition of today, but look forward to what could be, and look back at where we’ve been. 1984. Frankenstein. 2001: A Space Odyssey. By looking at what humanity could do, become, and create (or destroy), we take a hard look at what science fiction truly is: A glace into the past, present, and future of mankind, and what it truly means, or what it truly may one day mean, to be human.

I might do a companion to this blog post next week for post-apocalypse fiction. Until then,

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome and keep your eyes open.

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